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I want to extend my personal thanks to Mike Cook and the many dedicated volunteers at Cook Motorsports for their tireless assistance in completing the restoration of this timeless monument to landspeed racing history. Please support their racing efforts efforts at Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout.

Goldenrod Chassis
engine transmission
exhaust pipes Scoop
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john baechtel golderod

Please Note:

The Goldenrod has been completed and now resides in a dedicated location at the Henry Ford, The display stand seen in the background contains the original wind tunnel model constructed by Bill Summers, Bob (Butch) Summers helmet (on loan from the family) and one of the original record scoops that had been modified for more air flow at slower speeds. After an exhausting investigative effort I tracked the model and the scoops down from a collector in England and the museum ponied up an enormous sum to rejoin them with the car.

Bob Summers passed away in 1992, but the surviving brother Bill, remained with us until 5/13/2011. He was able to participate in and see the results of the restoration effort undertaken by the museum before his untimely death. Rest in peace Butch and Bill; two landmark pioneers of landspeed racing. John Baechtel

Goldenrod at The Henry Ford