Crate Motor bookWhat could be better than horsepower in a box? That’s essentially what you get when you buy a crate motor – factory-built horsepower that’s ready to bolt in to your project vehicle.
In the last 10 years, the crate motor market has boomed – stock and high-performance V-8 motors are available from Chevrolet, Ford, and Chrysler, and from many aftermarket companies as well. Most feature factory warranties, a multitude of options, and to-your-door delivery.

John Baechtel is an expert on performance engines. In this book, he’ll show you what crate motors are available from the major manufacturers; he also covers the accessories you’ll need, how to prep and install a crate motor, and how to get it started and properly broken in. It’s the ultimate guide to buying a crate motor and getting the most out of it.

I bought this book as a present for my husband not really knowing anything about race cars…HE loved it wanted to start reading it immediately…it came in good shape and was what i was hoping had all different types of crate motors and different ideas for all of them…Amazon


Fiero GTP HandbookThe Fiero IMSA GTP-L Handbook is now out of print and rare copies fetch a high price if you can find one. While this book is specific to the Spice Fieros, it applies to many of the Spice cars that followed Pontiac’s involvement. It is quite detailed and originally served as the race team manual for private teams running Spice cars with Pontiac engines; either the Super Duty 4 cylinder or the 90 degree small block style V6. Fiero enthusiasts love this book.

One of the most thorough and definitive IMSA team manuals ever written.  – Gordon Spice


Chevy Hi Vol1The original Chevy Peformance – Volume 1 is widely acclaimed as the best power source book for the most popular engine of all time: the smallblock Chevy. The detailed text and photos explore every important aspect of this legendary performance engine. Extensive chapters highlight the proven technologies in preparing blocks, crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, cylinder heads, and much more! Numerous photos show popular ignition, carburetor, camshaft, and valvetrain tricks. Anyone who wants to find out more about the small Chevy workhorse will find this book worth its weight in gold!

I’ve had this book (copyright 1981) for about 15 years. It’s among the most worn books in my garage. Great knowledge that is easy to grasp as well as quick look-ups for detailed info.

This book is invaluable when trying to determine components for an engine swap-out, rebuild, or just general information, like determining what the components are for a car you just purchased. The information is specifically relevant to the small block Chevy engine, which increases its usefulness due to its level of detail. Thanks.

Finally a completely new resource guide for competitive engine design using up-to-date technology. This guide focuses on manipulating the inter-relationships of all components to create a more powerful race engine. Explains how the “whole” can be much faster than the sum of its parts in certain combinations and why. Even re-tuning ideas for various component preferences, not one pet formula. The author explains how to use tools and collect helpful data and how to use testing and data collecting machinery properly and what to do with the results. 

Although a complex subject, this book is practical and easy and enjoyable to follow. Plenty of theory but loads of practical applications and examples too. Filled with practical tips and precautions with new products evaluated. Each chapter has section headings, great photos, illustrations and bullet point boxes that kept me focused on what was most important, while keeping the reading from being too overwhelming. I felt like the author was talking with me not preaching to me. Gave me some great ideas, and helped me come up with a few of my own to try.

More speed is what we all want, right? I bet this will replace those old “revised and updated manuals out there.